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Medical treatment and therapy abroad and in Greece

You are navigating our informational website. What is our mission? – We neither represent a commercial agency, nor provide medical services. However, we accumulated a comprehensive experience (including a personal experience) regarding the provision of complex and individual medical treatment abroad, in general, and in Russia, in particular, and would like to share our experience and expertise. Based on your individual specifications and diagnosis particularities, as well as your preference regarding the country where you would like to be subjected to a medical treatment, we could assist you to choose and directly contact the designated clinic and medical specialist. Thus, you will be able to efficiently manage your time, which is crucially important while dealing with health-related issues.

We will give you an access to our unique database containing valuable information concerning knowledge and experience gained by the leading medical specialists from the best foreign clinics. We can provide you with all useful information regarding the medical treatment and therapy abroad, as well as in Russia, concerning the clinics and our medical partners. Based on your request, we will furnish you with necessary contacts abroad, in order for you to receive immediately all the necessary first-hand information.

Our principle is – to bring in contact and coordinate your therapist and a medical specialist abroad for further cooperation, to help patients in resolving related complex issues, as well as to avoid the delivery of poor-quality medical services.

How do we help a patient? – We furnish a patient with checked and verified information, with the designated clinic’s direct contacts as well as detailed and comprehensive information regarding the medical treatment abroad.

Why the medical treatment abroad is so attractive? – Provided that the medical treatment in your country wasn’t efficient and didn’t bring the anticipated results, you can apply to foreign clinics, where the best medical practices and technologies are accomplished.

During the last decades in Russia a huge amount of money has been invested in the development of medicine and healthcare industry, as a whole. As a result, the Russian clinics nowadays deliver high-level healthcare services complying with the world standards, based on the best practices and know-how medical equipment, at reasonable prices.

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We represent all areas of medicine and treatment abroad and in Russia.

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